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There’s nothing better than gaining more with less work and more time for business owners to do what they love.

Now 2019, blessed with all the platforms needed to meet the customers who need products and services, add value to them and have fun doing so.

Social media marketing was created for all and these are the advantages of Social Media Marketing for business owners and marketers.

01)Increase in Customer Acquisition

With more than 2billion users all the customers you would ever need are on one platform or another and social media marketing is all you need to get to them.

You need to know where your customers hang out (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat) these are the major places where you are likely to find the majority of your target audience.

Social media marketing made the process of reaching out to customers on all these platforms easy with the ability to target, engage and give them all the value and information they need.

02)Brand Awareness

The art of growing your brand has never been this beautiful, Creating valuable content you get to share on social media and the diverse ways to reach the people with it.

Social media Marketing makes the art of branding wonderful for business owners and marketers using “tags” to reach millions of potential customers.

Appearing on searches related to what you do makes it easy for people to know what you do just from visiting your page and viewing all your content.

You can also check out your competitors to see what they are up to and meet influencers in your field who could help boost your brands.

03)Lead generation

Generating leads is one of the keys to success as a business owner and marketer this is so important for every business because increasing customers and conversion rate would be difficult and I mean very difficult without a lead generator or lead generating system.

This is where social media marketing comes in with all the powerful lead generating platforms all you need to create is the content you want to use for lead generation, the prospects or buyer you are targeting and the lead generation process will be automated.

Using lead-generating ads are the most popular with Social Media Marketing. This powerful action should not be misused, this means your lead generation shouldn’t to be for just anyone it should be for just the people who need the products or services you provide. So the ads you create will have to be very specific.

04)Reduction in cost

With the usage of ads in Social media marketing reaching your prospective customers has become relatively cheaper than the traditional advertising and you can decide what you want each ad to do (Awareness, Lead Generation, Sales)

05)Customer Insights

Customers are the reasons we do what we do and they are also the reasons why we are in still in business.

This implies how important the customers are to us, so knowing them very well should also be very important to us. Now imagine you could find out what your customers are saying about you, all the positive and negative feedback you really don’t get to hear or see, this is one very important advantage of Social Media and Social Media Marketing, your customers are able to communicate with you and tell you everything you should know about them and your business.

This is priceless information and using it to your advantage would help to strengthen not just your relationship with your current customers but the one you are trying to build with your prospect customers


06)Customer Loyalty

Engagement like communication leads to trust and this is the path to customer loyalty.

Your customers have to feel you care about them and not just their money. By sharing good quality content and providing great products and services to your customer using social media you can get to this point.

Social Media Marketing has helped a lot of business owners and marketers build relationships with their customers which returns as loyalty on the customer’s path

07)Tribe/ Fan base creation

Just like Social media marketing helps with customer loyalty, it also helps you create a tribe of raving fans and this is really all you need to survive in the world of business.

A certain amount of people who will be willing to follow you wherever you go and pay you for it.

08)Development of Buyer Persona

What is a buyer persona, it’s the portrayal of your optimal customer from the genuine information you have about your current customers.

Creating a buyer persona by using your top customers from social media is an easy way to go about it.

Information got from insights and their pages can be used to easily create a buyer persona which will be used when targeting the type of customers you want

09) ROI

Return on Investment, No one wants to lose money, so the ROI is something we should always keep an eye on when using paid adverts.

The great thing about social media marketing is that if done well it can double or even triple your ROI

10)Better SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a great way to make sure people find your products or services using search engines.

Websites authority, relevance, and quality determine what page you end up on(Your ranking). Studies have shown that users would rather change their search keywords than go to the third page of Google(and it’s highly likely that most of your customers use Google as their main/default search engine), So appearing on the first page is a priority for every business trying to improve their online presence.

Social media marketing helps boost your ranking by increasing the number of visits to your website from your social media page (using something as little as a visit my website “with the link” as a call to action).

The more people come to your website the more Google believes your website is relevant, and the longer they stay on your website the more Google believes your website has quality (and who would spend more time on your website than your followers who would derive joy from all the wonderful content you created just for them )

A lot of business owners are so involved in different things and because of this they usually forget about social media marketing, SMM should be added to the marketing plan and from the list the reason why is obvious.

Hope this was helpful

social media dreambooster

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