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Hi There! I’m Festus ―
ICT Expert ||Motivational Speaker

I’m Festus the founder of Dream Booster.

ICT Dreambooster is an Institute of Computer Programming, professional IT skills and place to get real motivational Audio, Pdfs, videos. my goal is to motivate the youth across the world and also restore peace to relationships  and by so doing I will spread my knowledge, experience, and positivity to the rest of the world.

We are passionate about imparting knowledge, re-setting mind-sets and generating understanding so as to change behaviours and deliver excellent results. Our knowledge, continuous improvement, versatility and realistic approach to problem solving stands us out in this field.

Information can inform you, deform you, reform you or transform you. You can hardly do better than what you know in this life. Join Telegram channel for more tips and tools

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The world we are In this day and age there’s no shortage of information, There is so much content available that finding something genuinely useful is really, really hard.That’s why our writers are focused on aggregating the most mind-blowing and actionable content in concise, easy to use posts. Let’s be real, we don’t have the time to sift through pages and pages of fluff.

Our goal is to ignite a fire in you by giving you exactly what you need to change your life in a positive direction. We do that by giving you information, motivation and accountability in bite-sized pieces you can swallow whole and implement immediately. We all have a vision of just how incredible our lives could be if only we knew how to make our dreams a reality. Here, you get the tools to make the ship that will carry you towards that vision, one day at a time.